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COVID-19 Procedure at iBase Spaces

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

We care about our members and employees' health and safety.

We are taking this time to update you of our response to the recent developments of COVID-19, as we care deeply for the health and safety of our members and staff. Please take the time to read the new and final procedures and guidelines.

Effective immediately on 3/23, we will be implementing the following policies:

  • For our protection and yours our iBase staff will no longer be working on-site, however we are here on call to answer any questions during regular business hours. Since staff will not be working on-site the front lobby doors will remain locked.

  • iBase will not be closing at this time. Please use your PROXIMITY app to gain access to the building, please use the NEST doorbell outside the lobby doors if you are unable to use proximity.

  • We are accepting membership SUSPENSION requests effective immediately to be sent in writing. During a suspension you are not permitted to access the space for use and your membership fee(s) will be paused. You CANNOT suspend your membership with a balance due/owed on your account. Please send us an official email in writing confirming your request for suspension at

  • Conference room and meeting room bookings are permitted only to our members with companies categorized as an essential service. We are no longer accepting meetings from the public.

  • Our iBase staff will still collect all mail 2 times per week and send notifications of items received. During this time we will be accepting requests to scan mail to all members free of charge, not all mail will be scanned to each member. To pick up any mail or parcels please schedule an appointment with our staff.

  • We ask that you please begin sending all packages directly to your home. Since we are no longer open we cannot guarantee packages delivery. Our “RING” doorbell is located outside the main lobby doors which all carriers are now being asked to use. However, it will no longer be possible to oversee deliveries and storage of parcels.

  • If coming into our space please practice “social distancing” by maintaining a six-foot separation from all other persons in the space.

  • Most importantly, if you are experiencing ANY symptoms, please stay home.  

Visitor Policy

  • If you are interested to visit iBase, please schedule an appointment with us via email to

  • For the guests of our member, please practice "social distancing" and wear mask. 

We understand that this is a chaotic time for our members and businesses that make up our community. We are committed to providing updates and guidelines to our members with dedicated support to each individual. If you have any concerns, requests or special accommodations to share, we are here to help, please reach out to the iBase team

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